MilfHunter – Do it to dulce

Duration : 8 min
Description : Levi decided to throw a Halloween party to try to drum up some MILF snatch. We partied hard and Levi had some pretty good prospects towards the end of the night. Some twins gave him their number but they seemed to flake out. A girl dressed as a baseball player basically pitched him a bunch of flirts but ultimately Levi struck out once her boyfriend showed up to take her home. The situation was looking kind of grim when the hot MILF who was hired to tend bar let him know she would take care of him. I do not know if she did it just because she wanted a bigger tip from him or if she just wanted his tip and then some in her hard and fast. She was a nice bodacious, voluptuous mommy and she squirted all over Levi. It was like egging a house once Levi returned the favor and jacked his lantern all over her face. It was only right knowing they went down on each other like bobbing for apples. Happy Halloween!
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